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2023 Meeting Schedule 

All meetings are on Saturday at Windy Hill Community Center unless otherwise noted

Board meeting - noon (Open to any member)

Monthly meeting w/speaker & auction - 1 pm 

  • Jan 14th - Alex Scharnburg, West African Cichlids

  • Feb 11th - Matt Singley, Summer Tubing

  • Sunday, April 23rd - Spring Auction

  • June 10th - David Ramsey, (YouTube) DJRamsey, Fish Room on a Budget

  • July 8th - Ryan Kinney, (YouTube) Wild Fish Tanks, Keeping Native Fish Found in Florida and the SE

  • Sunday, Sept 10th - Fall Auction


  • Oct 14th - Victor Castaneda, Shrimp Plus Election Nominations

  • Nov 11th - Jeff Cardwell, Adventures in Puerto Carreno Colombia Plus Elections

  • Dec 9th - Holiday Party (Supporting Members Only)

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