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Hello everyone my name is Nicole, but I also go by Guppy Girl, the name of my YouTube channel. I have been in the fish keeping hobby for over 10 years now. My main focuses are creating my own guppy strains, putting together unique aquascapes, and collecting aquatic plants. I currently have over 80 species of plants comprising of different species, cultivars and hybrids. My fish room has a total of 14 tanks, with room to expand. I love all things nano. Aquatic animals I am currently keeping are malawa shrimp colony, tangerine tiger shrimp colony, crystal red shrimp, amano shrimp, kuhli loach colony, pygmy cory colony, chili rasboras, bristlenose pleco, and all my guppies. Guppy strains I am working with are blue lace snake skins, yellow lace double sword snake skins, blue dragons, glass bellies, magenta gene guppies, one strain I have been working on for several years made from mutt guppies, and another new strain I have created out of an existing colony that was getting genetic drift due to recessive genes I believe.

Other hobbies that fill my life is learning how to maintain my new pico macro algae and coral tank, growing terrarium plants, studying the chemistry and biology of aquariums and aquatic organisms, raising live food cultures and collecting aquarium pests in jars such as planaria, hydra, dragonfly nymphs, etc.

My goal for this up coming year, 2023 is to obtain Master Aquatic Horticulturist, before we move out of state in less than a year from now; currently am at Member status right now. I am always looking to trade/buy/sell aquatic plants.

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